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attention to rational logistics.


Our company's transport is fully customized for the transport of dangerous goods. Drivers have certificates necessary for the transport of dangerous goods, and periodically attend special courses for upgrading their knowledge and skills.

  • Flammable liquid substances
  • Combustible, solids
  • Oxidizing substances


We explored all our network capability for EXPRESS freight forwarding, to guarantee the delivery of cargo within the minimum time from the receipt of the order.

  • Household appliances and electronics
  • Equipment and spare parts
  • Pharmaceutical preparations


Transportation of spare automotive parts requires highly careful and precise transportation arrangements, since the seamless production process depends on every component.

  • Various techniques
  • Car parts
  • Spare parts for the equipment


We provide integrated logistics and transport services for the international transport of medicinal products.

  • Medical equipment
  • Medical products
  • Medicaments


When planning high-value cargo transport, our logistics managers plan a route as to ensure the maximum cargo security.

  • Expensive electronic devices
  • High technology
  • Tobacco products

Cargo Services

Vehicle Fleet

The company owns the trucks compliant to the EURO 5 and EURO 6 standard. Every year, we renew our fleet by purchasing Mercedes Benz trucks. Investments in new vehicles and technologies ensure the highest level of cargo transportation.

Mega TraIlers

With its importance in mind, we can transport the components with standard and Mega type semi-trailers.

Forwarding services

We work in the field of freight forwarding and logistics services.
We can arrange dispatch of goods and their storage and document management. We offer our own transport services.

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